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The Mentally Tough Athlete

Lebron obviously has time on his side. MJ only began to consistently earn championships and entally tough?labels following many years in the league enduring frustrating playoff exits. However, A common counter-argument to the school of ebron has plenty of time?used to be that he had yet to even experience a single championship www.tradingspring.cn series beyond high school. The deep post season is both the ultimate test and the ultimate toughness Cheap Air Max 90 training crucible where you only enjoy the true value when you actually participate. This past year, Steve Kerr, certainly no stranger to playoff toughness and great clutch playoff performances, penned a Yahoo internet article that highlighted additional concerns.

"In losses to the Lakers, Portland and Denver, James either www.shoes-bags-china.ru missed or passed up several game-winning shot opportunities, and he misfired on ... Read more »

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